Architecture & Construction

HFW Solutions has friction stir welding and manufacturing capabilities for many products in the aerospace industry such as:

Flooring | Decks | Walkways | Gangways | Walls | Awnings | Weather Shields | Suspended Systems | Brackets

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Friction stir welding in construction is becoming more popular for many reasons. One is because of its applications to welding dissimilar metals. HFW can produce:

Integrated Flooring, Deck & Bridge Systems

  • Flooring | Decks | Walkways | Gangways | Walls

Canopy & Shade Systems

  • Awnings | Weather Shields | Suspended Systems | Brackets


  • Accelerated building products dramatically reduce on-site construction time thus improving client project’s return on investment
  • HFW’s application specific products meet design intents and environmental demands more effectively than traditional methods and materials
  • Reduce per-level construction time on multi-story buildings to facilitate on time delivery
  • Utilize a modular and scalable array of products


Friction stir welding in the construction industry has many applications. Aluminum panels can be friction stir welded in advance for construction purposes. Aluminum has several benefits for construction. It is eco-friendly, it adds speed to construction, and it can provide insulation for buildings. This metal is also very strong so it can support large glass structures and solar panels.

Aluminum use in bridges has numerous benefits such as a high strength to weight ratio and no corrosion. Aluminum has a higher load-bearing capacity and would make a much better alternative. The resulting bridge would have a higher performance rating and it would cost less to transport and install. Aluminum bridges require little, if any maintenance because of the natural protective coating of the metal.

Many buildings have aluminum suspended systems. When friction stir welded, these suspended systems are stronger and corrosion resistant, which allows for the ceiling to last longer. HFW Solutions has the ability to friction stir weld all are aluminum bridges, panels made from aluminum, and aluminum suspended systems and more.