Truck Trailer

HFW Solutions has friction stir welding and manufacturing capabilities for many products in the truck trailer industry such as:

Decks | Beds | Custom Sheet & Plate | Large Sheet | Side Walls | Roof Structures | Liquid Cold Plates | Air Tanks | Fuel Tanks | Integrated Structural Beams

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Friction stir welding has many commercial uses. One application would be land transportation. HFW has the ability to produce:

Large Sheet & Plate

  • Decks | Beds | Custom Sheet & Plate | Side Walls | Roof Structures

Integrated Structural Systems

  • Beams


  • Reduce factory fabrication and assembly times increasing return on investment
  • Increase load rating by minimizing fusion welded and riveted seams
  • Eliminate erosion and fatigue sensitive areas at material joints
  • HFW delivers superior products utilizing a state of the art joining process that reduces warranty repairs
  • Weld, machine, and fabricate single parts and assemblies up to 55 ft. (17 m) in length


The friction stir welding process helps our customers improve the structural integrity of their equipment to achieve greater durability. In addition, friction stir welding reduces component weight to lower operating costs and increase payloads. The truck trailer industry is ideal for friction stir welding long, longitudinal weld configurations on aluminum. Aluminum is used more commonly in transport vehicles like trucks and trailers to reduce the “dead-load” and increase the payload, and as environmental concerns call for reduced weight in many road applications. HFW uses friction stir welding to create superior joint quality than conventional fusion-welded joints. HFW makes our truck trailer products with low deformation and high quality.