Rail Products


Friction Stir Welding and Machining Solutions for the Rail Industry

While the future for the rail transport sector is bright, the pressures for cost reduction, capacity growth and the reliable operation of ever-ageing assets remain as strong as ever. Our friction stir welding and CNC machining capabilities allow railway carriages to be produced from longitudinal aluminum extrusions with integrated stiffeners. We are able to provide modular structures, which will save time in the installation process.


Making a Difference in Rail Manufacturing

Structural integrity and fabrication technologies are vital to the safety and success of the rail industry. HFW uses its understanding of technical requirements to help clients meet the challenges of today and tomorrow by providing an ever-broadening range of support services, from initial design issues to through-life issues, including failure analyses. HFW is able to complete products with a high complexity, using a combination of friction stir welding and CNC machining, we are able to succeed where others have failed.


Why Friction Stir Welding is Vital for Rail Applications

Friction Stir Welding not only adds new, improved weld strength and durability to Rail products but can significantly improve the product’s aesthetic quality while eliminating material and processing steps associated with arc based methods of welding. Friction stir welding tooling and techniques allow for the welding of large panels at one time, while generating minimal heat and few external areas to “clean up”. We’re continually improving efficiency and strength with versatile and unique materials. When we make a new weld, we push the boundaries of where and how our machines can operate. This is just another example of the HFW way of thinking.


The Friction Stir Welding Process for the Rail Industry can be Utilized for:

  • Roofs
  • Floors
  • Side Walls
  • Panels
  • Engineered Beams
  • Load Bearing Sides
  • Cantrails
  • Posts