Manufacturing Solutions

Friction stir welding paired with integrated machining services and precision assembly and coatings allows HFW Solutions to be a market leader in manufacturing high end fabricated structures. We have manufacturing solutions for many industries, including:


HFW Solutions is a trusted leader in precision manufacturing, product development and custom assemblies for the aerospace industry. Our experience makes us a leading provider of aircraft parts, metal fabrication, and quality machined components.


Architecture & Construction

Aluminum extrusions are a mainstay in commercial construction and friction stir welding is becoming more popular due to its strength and finished aesthetic qualities. Accelerated building products dramatically reduce on-site construction time thus improving client project’s return on investment. HFW's application specific products meet design intents and environmental demands more effectively than traditional methods and materials.


Hybrid Electric Vehicle

HFW Solutions is an industry leader in providing permanently sealed liquid cooled inverter units and electronic enclosures. The elimination of gaskets not only eliminates leaks it allows for a lower cost part. Using friction stir welding in our manufacturing process allows us to create products with reduced weight, lower cost, and a high degree of customization.



The marine industry has made a rapid conversion to aluminum friction stir extrusions and was one of the first sectors to utilize friction stir welding for commercial applications. HFW Solutions focuses on improving productivity in manufacturing, reducing the need for reworking, and identifying and remedying problems of corrosion and fatigue for the marine industry.



HFW Solutions is a leading North American manufacturer of roofs, floors, and large panels. Known for providing quality service, our manufacturing services are unique in our ability to provide broad levels of support and depth.



For custom thermal management solution design, development and manufacturing HFW provides innovative solutions. We are a leading manufacturer of hermetically sealed cold plates and heat sinks.


Truck Trailer

Extrusions have long been popular in the construction of tuck trailer equipment and friction stir welding has many commercial uses in this application as well. Our manufacturing processes allow products for the truck trailer industry to eliminate corrosion and fatigue sensitive areas at material joints and increase load rating by minimizing fusion welded and riveted seams. HFW Solutions delivers superior products utilizing a state of the art joining process that reduces warranty repairs.


Other Manufacturing Solutions


Inverter Housing & Components Products | Cold Plates | Thinned Heatsinks | Solar Module Frames

Transportation Infastructure

Road Bridges | Overpass Systems | Lightweight Rotatable Waterway Bridges