HFW Solutions is a trusted leader in precision manufacturing, product development and custom assemblies for the aerospace industry. Our experience makes us a leading provider of aircraft parts, metal fabrication, and quality machined components.

HFW Solutions has friction stir welding and manufacturing capabilities for many products in the aerospace industry such as:

Beams | Bi-Alloy Spars | Wing Box Products | Bulkheads | Monolithic Wing Skins | Skin/Stringer Assemblies | Electronic Enclosures | Air Tanks | Fuel Tanks

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Most aerospace applications are still being tested, as it is a relatively new field for frictions stir welding. There are many opportunities to weld several parts for both civilian and military aircraft. Using friction stir welding will significantly reduce cost and weight. HFW has the ability to produce:


  • Beams | Bi-Alloy Spars | Wing Box Products | Bulkheads | Monolithic Wing Skins | Skin/Stringer Assemblies


  • Beams | Electronic Enclosures | Air Tanks | Fuel Tanks


  • Lower production times resulting in superior quality delivered in a fraction of the time
  • Significantly reduces end-weight
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improved weld strength


In recent years, friction stir welding (FSW), an environmentally lean manufacturing process, has become increasingly popular in aerospace manufacturing.

Some advantages of friction stir welding are reduced end weight, faster time on production, no heat distortion, superior weld quality and it is environmentally sound. This solid state joining process produces no fumes, uses no gas or filler wire, and the weight saved reduces fuel use.

FSW was adapted for joining fuel tanks on satellite launch vehicles in the late 1990’s. There was improved efficiency, strength, reduced rework, and a substantial cost reduction. Friction stir welding in commercial aircraft manufacturing has developed at a much slower pace. However, due to weight changes and cost savings, its popularity has seen a dramatic increase. Weight is one of the biggest challenges for aircraft manufacturers. By joining aluminum alloy stringers to skins for aircraft wings and fuselage structures using friction stir welding allows for thousands of rivets to be removed, which will significantly reduce weight. HFW Solutions offers many manufacturing solutions for aerospace. Some of these include bulkheads, skin/stringer assemblies, air tanks, and fuel tanks.